The mood is set. Now make it memorable.

Whoever said "the devil is in the details" was wrong, it's where the keys lie. Keys to what you ask? If you don't know, we have a lot to cover. Welcome.


Hosting is an opportunity to serve and impress

This is not a game. Our multi-sensory immersive experience and details checklist consultation assures an attendee of your gathering will say upon leaving, "I had a good time, we should do this again," or if they are Gen Z two weeks later in a text, "Last time we linked was such a vibe."

Our selected menu
of services await you


Dip Your Toes

Ya gotta crawl before you ball. This package is perfect for a few friends hanging at your place to discuss gentrification while not having the self awareness to view yourself as a part of the problem.

Package Includes:

  • Playlist curation
  • Bouquet selection
  • Light setting
  • Scent selection



The Senses are Tingling

Date at the crib? COVID social distance picnic date? Even better. Find a spot in Prospect Park away from crowds and let the vibes commence. When someones dog comes out of nowhere and eats the prosciutto, don't show disappointment. Simply pet the dog and say, "I just love dogs. Don't you?"

Package Includes:

  • 1960-1975 Samba playlist with custom artwork
  • Wax print cloth selection
  • Charcuterie checklist
  • Lambrusco picked by sommelier



Sensory Accumulation

A night unforgettable. Attendees walk into the atmosphere and immediately ask theirselves, "Oh that self care thing people are talking about, I think this is it." Candles, scents, music, food, spirits, a rotten wood ladder draped in Turkish textiles, but most importantly, conversations. When a guest asks, "Hey I'm about to head out can I help clean up?" You say, "No thanks, I got it covered." They reply, "But you've done so much." As you place the dish rag over your right shoulder, gaze into their soul long enough for a flicker of light from a 3 foot floor lantern to reflect in your eyes and say, "And I always will." Scene.

Package Includes:

  • Apartment redocaration
  • Plant Daddy/Mami Certification Program
  • MP3 playlist with meta tags and custom artowrk
  • Bouquet selection
  • Ambiance King Essintial Oils Bundle™
  • Moroccan lanterns
  • 3 course menu
  • 4 in depth conversation starters


parallax background

“Tiny details imperceptible
to us decide everything!”

- W. G. Sebald

Whiskey is only as good as the oak it soaks in

You may think crafting the perfect ambiance is about all that is around you. You're wrong. The perfect ambiance starts with you. You are the vessel for the ambiance. It's conductor. The atmospheric details in obtaining the right vibe is only half the work. The Ambiance King won't just get you to the mountaintop, he'll get you to appreciate the journey.



    Mother Nature, the first ever vibe.